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I am an expert in computational neuroscience, machine learning, computer science, and neuromorphic computing. Generally, my interests are in asynchronous and distributed systems, particularly in uncovering and extracting their core algorithms and data structures based on first principles, to understand how non-linear dynamics can foster stable computations, and to advance the mathematical understanding of how diverse systems -- from brain regions to computing networks -- manage information. To this end, I analyze neural population dynamics, emergent phenomena, self-organization, plasticity, and collective behaviors using a variety of tools from computer science, machine and deep learning, data science, mathematics, and statistics.

Research & Work

Currently, I explore neural representations and behaviors of rodents and the camouflage patterns of cuttlefish. I also study the emergence of computational complexity and spatio-temporal languages in evolutionary distributed systems. In past research, I focused specifically on neural computations that are critical for spatial navigation and perception, and on computer vision. I have also successfully applied my knowledge to practical robotics, leading the development of a perception framework for manipulation robotics and a publicly available sim2real rendering pipeline. My scientific and industrial contributions are documented in academic publications and patents.

In addition to my research, I teach, co-organize summer schools, and have initiated a progressive mentoring program that introduces reverse mentoring to executive leadership. I acquired expert knowledge in a multitude of programming languages, and technical and theoretical frameworks, e.g. C, C++, python, pytorch, to name just a few and those that I use most frequently at the moment. My technical proficiencies extend to distributed high-performance computing, GPGPU programming, database systems and SQL, and computer graphics, each significantly contributing to both the theoretical and practical aspects of my work.


I am a postdoc in Benjamin Dunn's (Neural) Data Science group at the Department of Mathematical Sciences in beautiful Trondheim, Norway, and also work with Yasser Roudi from King's College, London. Before, I spent almost three years as research scientist at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, obtained a PhD in Computer Science in Neural and Neuromorphic Computing while working in the Neuroscientific System Theory (NST) group at TU Munich, Germany, a Diploma in Computer Science from Ulm University, Germany, and became a fully-qualified professional software developer at Celos Computer GmbH, Germany.

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